Solutions for holistic building automation and control systems

Anyone who wants to operate buildings in an energy-efficient way requires an innovative building automation and control system that can integrate all components of the building services.

It is no longer adequate to treat the heating and cooling energy centres, room air-conditioning systems, shading systems, façade control systems, lighting, etc. as self-sufficient trades. The building automation and control system as the core of the network has to collect and process information from all trades and transmit it to the corresponding individual trades. Innovative automation concepts consider all building states, making them independent of the building trade and obey the optimum energy yield.

All networks communicate with each other, regardless if communication standards like BACnet, KNX, DALI, M-Bus, Modbus, SMI or Profibus are applied. Furthermore, DIGICONTROL integrates manufacturer-specific connections, for example Schüco, Wilo, Grundfos, Belimo MP-Bus, ebm-papst, etc.

DIGICONTROL BACS interface modules


Communication interface for the integration of DALI

The module ems4.DALI is used as bidirectional gateway between the automation stations ems2 / 4 / 5 and the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) as DALI single master. This allows the set-up of an intelligent lighting system. The DALI module supports the connection of up to 64 DALI single lights (DALI light = DALI-ECG) in up to 16 groups with a maximum current consumption of 200mA.


Communication interface for the integration of KNX / EIB

The ems4.KNX1E module serves as a bi-directional gateway between the ems4/ems2 automation stations and the KNX/EIB instabus.


Communication interface for the integration of Belimo MP-Bus

The module ems4.MP01E is used for the direct control of MP-Bus capable Belimo actuators. The module is equipped with two independent MP-Bus strands which each enable the communication with maximal 16 MP-Bus actuators. The module independently determines the speed of the connected CAN-Bus system.


Interface module for integration of diverse BA-systems

The ems4.SM03B module serves as communication interface with 1 x RS232 / RS485, 2x CAN capability for connecting external components, such as: heat pumps, chillers, humidifiers, boilers, solar panels, windows, etc.


Communication interface for the integration of M-Bus

The module ems4.SM04E is used for the direct readout of up to 60 M-Bus-compatible meters (e.g. heat meters, water meters, electricity meters, pulse counters).