DIGICONTROL System automation and controls

Joint efforts towards a secure and networked future

Current and future developments in digital transformation will significantly change the way buildings and their building automation and control systems are planned, constructed and operated in the upcoming years. 

Trendsetting technologies such as IoT and cloud computing as well as innovative processes within the value chain open a wide range of opportunities for implementing highly efficient, new services with significant added value for investors, planners, installers, operators, and users.

DIGICONTROL already represents the next generation of Building automation and Control Systems (BACS). By outsourcing BACS services, DIGICONTROL becomes part of a global infrastructure and gains the benefits that come with it. The integrated building edge and IoT controller DIGICONTROL ems5 provides the basis for implementing new smart building concepts in the process of digital transformation.

DIGICONTROL ems5 comprises the directive-compliant implementation of plant and room automation as well as the integration of the technical building equipment in accordance with VDI 3814 and DIN EN ISO 16484. Furthermore, the integrated Building Edge and IoT Controller provides the basis for the implementation of new Smart Building concepts in the context of digital transformation.

>> Automation equipment

>> Control and display devices

>> BACS interface modules

>> Fire damper communication system


>> DIGICONTROL ecs3 Retrokit

>> Cyber security


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