The future of connected building technology

Digitalisation has now permeated all areas of life. The Internet of Things and clous services open numerous new possibilities and opportunities. Increasing connectivity is changing the interaction between people and technical devices. Numerous new services are emerging with which processes can be improved, accelerated, and automated. At the same time, the security requirements for infrastructures, cities and buildings of the future are increasing to protect people and assets in the best possible way.

Because the multi-layered technical infrastructure continually poses new challenges not only for you, but also for your building, the coexistence of security and building technology increases and with it the complexity and coordination effort. And this is where DIGICONTROL comes into play: Through innovative and coordinated solutions, connected technologies and efficient use of resources, DIGICONTROL ensures that your building is competitive and economical. The necessary support for this comes from a single source: DIGICONTROL includes connected building automation systems, products, services, and individual solutions that also meet the increasing requirements of tomorrow.

Mastering building technology through interdisciplinary, connected technologies

Innovative technologies within individual trades are not sufficient by themselves. The networked solutions of the DIGICONTROL portfolio allow the building trades to effectively communicate with each other. The challenge lies on the one hand in the implementation of complex BACS networks and the processing of huge amounts of data into applications that provide added value and thus enable building technology to be mastered.

... throughout the entire building life cycle

Future-proof buildings can only be implemented and mastered with networked technologies. Only holistic integration solutions with long-term perspectives will generate the most sustainable effects and further ideas for
new customer-oriented building services. In this way, we achieve more safety and comfort, more time and productivity through efficient processes, and also more climate protection for an environment worth living in.

Innovative and coordinated IT infrastructure solutions, integrated technologies and efficient deployment of energy and resources can ensure the success and competitiveness of your building in the long term. We provide comprehensive support for this, from a single source, throughout the entire building life cycle.


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