WEBVISION 5 Energy data management




Saving energy is one of the most important energy reserves and thus the most significant contribution to environmental and climate protection. The energy data management according to ISO 50001 provides the basis for the continuous improvement process of production processes and plants as well as real estate by means of energy balancing.

Through the integration of WEBENCON in WEBVISION 5, the management and control equipment (MC E) merges into technical monitoring (TMon) with energy monitoring (EMon) according to VDI 6041. Key figure compilation (KPI, EnPI) and analytics enable the continuous optimization of building operation. Through the visualization of processed information within the MCE and the integration into the notification management, potentials become visible and measures can be initiated and continuously checked in terms of their effectiveness.

WEBENCON is tenant-capable and based on a SQL data base server. All data are recorded and administrated and structures are built here. The consumption data can be visualised and monitored by means of constant limiting values. All information can be exported to common office software programmes for further processing. Furthermore and in accordance with your own requirements, WEBENCON includes the option to document and visualise the degree of fulfilment of your EnMS with regard to ISO 50001.


  • Certified energy data management according to ISO 50001 (TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH)
  • Technical monitoring in accordance with VDI 6041
  • Analytics, KPIs & EnPIs
  • Access to the system is TLS-encrypted via the web browser.  The measurement data and project information are historized in an SQL database.
  • Peak load costs can be benchmarked and reduced via the calculation and weather-adjusted display of consumption & costs.
  • Excel-based, individual evaluations of consumption and costs can be created automatically and sent by e-mail.
  • The immediate evaluation of consumption, frequencies, emissions and more enables versatile display options and diagram functions.
  • The change of meters, energy sources or tariffs carried out in the system enables consistently plausible calculations.
  • Via WEBVISION 5, events can be logged and notifications can be sent when linear or learning limit values are exceeded.

Basic licence and extension modules

Basic licence

The basic license allows multi-tenant data collection, administration and structuring. Meter readings or consumptions are logged automatically or manually. Consumption and costs of a consumption point can be displayed in order to identify possible weak points in energy-efficient operation. The data are stored in an SQL database and can be exported to common office software packages for further processing. The basic functions of the management and control equipment (MCE) are used for interfaces, notification management and logging. A wide range of structural data overviews provide a clear overview of the individually configured energy data management system.


Extension module Controlling

Regular, systematic analyses of consumption data can be carried out over freely definable time intervals with the WEBENCON Controlling extension module. Meaningful representations of the desired data can be created as tables or graphics using individual templates. Complex relationships can be visualised by means of combinable outputs such as consumption, power, costs and emissions. Different time intervals can also be displayed in a diagram for comparison. The calculation of characteristic values is the basis for a benchmark. All analyses form the foundation for energy controlling, which enables the identification and active implementation of efficiency-promoting, cost-reducing measures.
The calculation of characteristic values and Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) is the basis for benchmarks and part of a certification pursuant to ISO 50001. In addition, the success of implemented efficiency measures can be shown in the form of qualitative data.


Extension module Reporting

extension module WEBENCON Reporting, e.g. for a cost calculation based on the actual incurred costs.It is possible to create and manage individual, detailed cost overviews according to consumption point or cost centre.
The Cost module is required for the Reporting module.


Extension module Cost

The extension module WEBENCON Cost provides a source-related, detailed evaluation of energy costs for all recorded media. The creation of cost centre IDs enables you to distribute the costs of a consumption point to individual users. The extension module WEBENCON Cost is an additional extension of the functionality of the modules Controlling and Reporting. Thus, WEBENCON Controlling also provides a cost calculation for cost centres. A cost overview according to tariff items is possible in WEBENCON Reporting. An export to standard office software packages is possible for individual further processing in the accounting system.


Extension module Limiting

Early detection of excessive energy or water consumption avoids costs and shortens the response time in case of errors. The extension module WEBENCON Limiting allows setting limit values for consumption per time. An alarm can also be triggered. In this way, damage, e.g. to a water pipe, is detected within a very short time after its occurrence. However, not all limit values are linear. They depend on another value. Limit values can be set in WEBENCON Limiting depending on other parameters e.g. outdoor temperature or operating hours. Energy curves in companies are also often periodic. Limit values can be monitored in WEBENCON Limiting with the help of these periods in a learning way.