DIGICONTROL Building management systems

Integrated building management solutions

Today more than ever, optimising and reducing costs is of essential importance when buildings are constructed and operated. Investors and operators insist on cost efficiency and flexibility at minimum energy and personnel deployment and on the possibility to influence running costs. If you wish to comply with these requirements, conventional building automation and a trade-related view are not sufficient anymore. The holistic view of a building as functional unit, the utilisation of open and embedded systems, network-capable information technologies and a consistent building management are prerequisites for the technical and business-related function.

About 80% of the total costs that have incurred during the life cycle of a building account for operating the building. The share of all buildings in the world-wide primary energy consumption is about 40% per year. As a result, there is a huge potential to make a significant contribution to economic efficiency and a responsible use of resources by running buildings efficiently.

Integration - The basis for operating buildings energy-efficiently and comfortably

DIGICONTROL implies the effective interaction of all automation systems and further components of the technical building services. The open system architecture, the application of world-wide standards and uniform interfaces provide maximum flexibility for the implementation of integration solutions.

Secure building automation and control systems data · Cyber Security

The ongoing networking of buildings with the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud services requires the effective protection of IT and BACS through reliable measures that ensure the availability of the networks and the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of building data.

DIGICONTROL building automation and control systems provide comprehensive security features such as TLS, SSH, VPN and a firewall that prevents unauthorised network access. Integrated password protection and secure communication protect against unauthorised access to functions, program content and against malicious software. User interventions are logged completely and contribute to the protection of your systems. The safety concept and configuration of the DIGICONTROL automation equipment bases on IEC 62443, the international standard for Cyber Security for Industrial Automation. The „BACnet/SC“ (BACnet Secure Connect) security standard guarantees that building automation and control systems will be even more secure in the future.

In order to prevent potential threats to your systems during operation, we keep the software of our automation equipment current and regularly update your system with patches provided by our support team. Networked, intelligent and resource-optimised buildings are definitely paying off.


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