BACS Management system WEBVISION 5

WEBVISION 5 is a tool for the efficient operation and monitoring of buildings and property portfolios and allows convenient and energy-efficient control, monitoring and optimisation of all trades - from heating, sanitary, ventilation and air conditioning to lighting and shading. Versatile interfaces also enable the integration of other building trades. WEBVISION 5 is a web-based software that uses the infrastructure of modern networks and works via standard browsers on PC or mobile devices.

Efficient building management starts with sustainable engineering

Take advantage of WEBVISION 5 if you wish to manage the steadily increasing complexity of building automation and control systems professionally. WV 5 already provides the maximum level of efficiency in engineering. All project and automation data from WEBPROJECT (planning and project engineering), webCADpro and/or the iBASuite.Builder (configuration and programming of automation equipment) serve WEBVISION 5 as basis for the installation and automatic configuration of hierarchical menus, operating pages and plant graphics. This saves costs and time, reduces the service expenses to a minimum and provides 100% consistency from planning to operation.


WEBVISION 5 represents the effective interaction of automation equipment and all other components of building automation. The open system architecture, the use of worldwide standards and uniform interfaces ensure maximum flexibility when implementing integration solutions.

The BACnet standard BACnet profile B-AWS, BACnet Advanced Workstation, in WEBVISION 5 guarantees an open communication, the compatibility with third-party products and an energy-efficient and reliable operation of plants.
WEBVISION 5 is a highly effective tool for the realisation of energy-efficient and sustainable buildings, in particular in combination with DIGICONTROL BACnet building controllers (B-BC) ems2, ems4 and ems5.

Existing DIGIVISION and DIGICONTROL systems can be upgraded to WEBVISION 5 by migration even without adjusting the automation equipment. The implementation of the proven communication protocols BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP ensure the compatibility of WEBVISION 5 with the devices and installations of embedded third-party systems.

Customised individual solutions

The open system structure of WEBVISION 5 allows a personalised customisation of user interfaces. The configuration of the interface contents is performed dependent on the user role, responsibility and personal preference of the respective user. Accordingly, tailor-made user interfaces and individual solutions are made available.

Intuitive operation

WEBVISION 5 offers state-of-the-art handling by providing optimum comfort and intuitive operation from the system overview down to the data point. This builds trust, operating the system is a pleasure and users are not afraid of utilising the software.

Mobile communication and building system technology are steadily growing together. WEBVISION 5 introduces a new dimension of mobile operation. You are entirely independent and in control in a comfortable and safe way, even though you are off-site. Installing the app is not necessary as everything works by means of a web browser. You always get the optimum view, independent from the device, the operating system and the screen size. The simple navigation enables you to access the desired information quickly and efficiently. Another highlight: Mobile usage is facilitated substantially by a cutting-edge search function which is directly performed from the start page and provides comprehensive results. Thus, you can find all requested information at a glance: technical plants, messages, operating modes and everything else you are looking for.


  • The building management platform WEBVISION 5 sets new standards for the performance of buildings
  • Certification as BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS) in accordance with highest conformity standard
  • You keep track with everything when using our systems
  • Maximum comfort, economical operation and reduced CO2 emissions of your buildings
  • The open system architecture and utilisation of uniform, standardised interfaces support the integration of trades
  • User-friendly handling, intuitive usability and responsive design
  • Future-proof: WEBVISION 5 can be used as cloud solution