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Enhancing the well-being and protecting the environment

Do you also belong to the people who spend 90% of the day indoors? It is obvious that the condition of the buildings we spend time in has a significant impact on our well-being, our health, and our productivity. Design and furnishings, as well as light, thermal comfort, acoustics, and air quality, are decisive for whether we feel comfortable in a room or not. Innovative concepts and intelligent automation systems contribute significantly to making rooms and buildings a part of modern health care and thus much more attractive for employees and users. After all, modern working environments with a focus on well-being and comfort are more in demand today than ever before.

The four dimensions of modern room automation

DIGICONTROL‘s room automation concept is called ROOM4D. “4D” stands for the four dimensions of modern room automation: efficiency, intelligence, functionality and design. ROOM4D comprises unique solutions to network the rooms and trades of building automation. It provides ideal settings for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading, optimising comfort and increasing efficiency in every room. All areas are covered, from individual trades to fully integrated buildings. Furthermore, ROOM4D uses sophisticated algorithms to support you if you wish to combine optimum comfort with energy efficiency while ensuring minimum operating costs. ROOM4D meets the requirements of VDI 3814.

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Use cases

Managing a hotel requires looking after many relatively small room units, and they are mainly occupied at night. The number of guests fluctuates considerably, and international visitors have different comfort requirements. ROOM4D integrates hotel booking systems and makes optimal use of available energy by monitoring presence (using keycard readers or presence detectors) and regulating room temperature, air quality, lighting and shading. This maximises guests' comfort while minimising costs for operators. Multilingual menus on the control panel allow international guests to operate the room system with ease. ROOM4D is also capable of learning. Guest preferences are logged and can be saved as default settings for the duration of the stay. Conference rooms can be operated easily and efficiently with ROOM4D scene control. ROOM4D unites the requirements of hotel operators with those of their guests, making sure that people enjoy their stay and look forward to returning.

Room automation systems for offices and administrative buildings have to adapt to the changing needs of various occupants or the requirements of new work processes and routines. ROOM4D provides a flexible room automation concept which allows self-sufficient operation of every building axis. Operators can therefore adapt room automation systems to changing floor plans and room utilisation without making internal changes to the system configuration. Another important factor for the quality of a room automation system is its ability to create the exact conditions and atmosphere requied by the people working in that space to remain focussed and efficient. These conditions, however, change with the seasons, time of day or individuals' moods. For example, we need more light after lunch than in the morning to stay fresh and alert. ROOM4D optimises lighting by using modern mood management. No magic - just simply the intelligent part of our automation system.

Modern room automation is all about people. After all, we are the ones who live, work and learn in automated environments. Our motivation and ability to learn increase when we are in pleasant and comfortable surroundings. School teachers and pupils share rather small classrooms, and the windows need to be opened. At university, many students often crowd into a small seminar room, while at other times only a few people might occupy a large lecture theatre. Rooms are sometimes required without notice, or classes may be cancelled, etc. A room automation system has to respond to all of these conditions. ROOM4D is prepared for these changes and provides the means and modules required to use small and large rooms with optimal energy use. ROOM4D supports technical personnel and helps schools spend more of their budget on educational material instead of energy.

Automation of hospital rooms presents a particular challenge. Needs differ from administrative offices to departments, and from operating theatres to intensive care units. All of these environments need to be integrated. ROOM4D offers various functional and integration modules for this purpose, in other words a comprehensive system that is well-suited for such complex requirements. Furthermore, hospitals have higher general demands concerning the operational reliability and system security of technical services. It goes without saying that our building and room automation system can also integrate specialist hospital equipment such as emergency and supply systems.

Private homes also have particular room automation requirements. Rooms for living, sleeping, cooking and working are used at different times of day and by people with individual preferences. Here, too, ROOM4D offers a room automation system that always ensures maximum energy efficiency and optimal comfort for any kind of budget.

ROOM4D is comes in two versions (comfort and premium), both of which offer a full range of energy efficiency functions irrespective of the technical design of the system concerned. For example: even if the window position cannot be detected, cooling or heating should always be turned off if a window is open. ROOM4D can deduce the window position based on the room temperature pattern. Functions like this are the icing on the cake and supplement the VDI 3813 standard.

Room automation means not only automation of buildings with many rooms, but also automation of rooms in buildings with relatively few rooms and buildings whose rooms have different uses, purposes and sizes. Sport halls, multipurpose arenas, production plants, market halls, theatres, cinemas and indoor water parks often contain rooms that are equally challenging to operate. In such cases, individual, innovative automation concepts offer particularly significant energy-saving potential. ROOM4D includes a large variety of innovative hardware and software modules for the efficient regulation and control of unusual rooms and the integration of various technical building services components. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We would be pleased to tell you more about the interesting function modules and options for integrating ROOM4D.


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