WEBVISION 5 Alarm and notification management


WEBALARM is applied for displaying and acknowledging prioritised alarms and events, e.g. on touch panel monitors and as add-on for WEBVISION 5.

It is preferably used in alarm centres and porter’s lodges. It is characterised by a safe and clear display of information and an easy and intuitive operation. A complete usage is possible without a personalised login. Alarms can be optically and/or acoustically represented and sorted according to type, message text, event state, time stamp, property, plant, object name (data point key) and frequency. Diverse hint features support the user when processing alarms or events and enable him to react quickly and safely, even in critical alarm situations. Current alarms (incl. the acknowledged alarms), which correspond to the colour-coded priorities assigned in WEBALARM, are displayed in a concise list. Additional texts, such as instructions, are displayed below the corresponding notification. By using the context menu, messages can be transmitted via the integrated interfaces to all registered recipients again. Historical alarms and events can also be viewed.