The solution for energy-efficient use of space

The RoomTimePlanner enables the integration of calendars and time sources into the management of the building automation and control system.
In practice, the occupancy times of rooms are often only entered once when the building or system is put into operation and then they remain unchanged. This means that the operating mode of the building automation and the general room conditions in particular are not adapted to the actual utilisation of the building. Instead, the room temperature setpoints are unnecessarily maintained - even if the utilisation is interrupted or the room is not used at all.

The RoomTimePlanner transfers appointments from different time management systems to BACnet or Modbus objects.

The RoomTimePlanner continuously recalculates the times and the setpoints for heating the rooms - based on the actual room occupancy according to the entries in appointment calendars - and transfers them to the building automation and control system. This allows to save energy and operate the building more efficiently in every phase of utilisation. 


Available time management systems:

  • Timetabling software GP Untis/ WebUntis
  • Exchange Server (Outlook)
  • Google Calendar
  • Yahoo Calendar
  • Lotus Notes
  • CSV
  • iCal
  • Direct input


The appointments can be mapped onto the following BACnet objects:

  • Analogue Output Object
  • Analogue Value Object
  • Binary Output Object
  • Binary Value Object
  • Multistate Output Object
  • Multistate Value Object
  • Schedule Object